Composer, Sound Designer

Pyry Mäkinen

Hello, Friend. I am Pyry Mäkinen, a composer, sound designer, and sound engineer, from Tampere, Finland. I am also the co-founder of a small Finnish indie game studio, Sekvensoft. My passions include music, video and tabletop games and old science fiction and horror films.

Currently, we are working on a mobile game by the name of Irradiant Core. You can hear some of the music I have composed on my free time from the embedded SoundCloud widget.

Wish to hire me?

Looking for unique and professional sound effects and music tailored to your specific needs? Look no further. I am available for hire.


  • Strong composing skills. Knowlede in music theory.
  • Main instruments: Guitar, Piano
  • Background in audio engineering.
  • Unity, Fmod, ProTools, Studio One.
  • Experienced user of hardware and software synthezisers and sample libraries.

My prices are very indie-friendly.

Contact me trough Linkedin, or at and we can work out the details!


Irradiant Core Main Menu Theme

I finished the main menu theme for Irradiant Core a few days ago. It took surprisingly long, even though the song is really simple. Hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I enjoyed making it!

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Got a new Acoustic Guitar!

I had to return my previous acoustic guitar to a friend of mine, so I decided to buy a new one. This time with metal strings. I did not want to spend too much on it, so I went and got a Fender Fender CD-60 V3 with a beautiful sunburst color...

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Dungeons and Dragons as a musical excercise Part 1.

I have been running a 5e dnd game over Roll20 with my partner and a few friends for a few months now. It has been a lot of fun, and I recommend to pick up a copy of Player's Handbook with an open mind. Running a dnd game is a great way to learn game design, but for me, it has also been an awesome platform to try out different musical ideas...

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New Website Launched

Greetings, happy holidays, and welcome to my new and updated website!

It has been an extremely busy year for me, balancing my time bethween my day job with our Indie Game Development Company, Sekvensoft...

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